Some ArtechnikA Samples

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Made In Mt. View CanAms! Le Mans-winning 917 Dunlop Bridge 935

Change of Place 914-FOUR Yodster On Hwy 1
CanAm 917-10 at Laguna Seca Take this image as FREE wallpaper (1024x768 300 dpi)

About The Process...These works are hand-painted originals -- not prints, lithographs, serigraphs, or anything mass-produced. I work in ink, gouache, and occasionally acrylic.
The samples you see here are painted from photographs I have taken. I can produce a stunning original portrait of your car from a photograph you supply.
Or if you have a favorite classic Porsche, Ferrari, or other vintage race car, I probably have a reference photograph in my extensive library from years of attending IMSA, FIA, and vintage races.

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